Fast Track Successes 
 Personal, Professional and Business Successes

Enjoy Greater Success with Less Stress 

Workplace Stress is a growing concern for Employers and Employees in Australia.

The Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1983 states

“Stress Management in the workplace is the employers’ responsibility"

Investing in Staff Health and Wellbeing can Reverse “Obvious” and “Hidden”  Costs; Increase “PRODUCTIVITY”; Increase bottom line “PROFIT”

Stress has a powerful negative effect on Business’s economic outcomes including:

  • Health Issues
  • Reduction of Employees Productivity
  • The cost of stress to your business is at least 1.4% of Gross Wages
  • $10billion to lost Productivity due to Workplace Stress

A shift in Business Culture has a direct influence on performance

How I can help you empower Responsibility; Accountability and Profitability:

  • Identify and Acknowledge workplace stress, both in terms of absenteeism and presenteeism.
  • Reducing Absenteesm and Presenteeism
  • Increased Productivity and Profit
  • Greater Job Interest and Satisfaction
  • Reduction in Staff turnover
  • Harmony and Respect in the Workplace
  • Decreased Accident Rate and Workers Compensation Pay Outs 
  • Prevention of Litigation
  • Increase awareness of the costs of workplace stress to business and the economy

This alone is a strong economic case for investing in the health and well being of employees.

You and your Staff will also learn how to Identify and Acknowledge both personal and Occupational Stress.  How to Identify Stress Symptoms while enjoying Personal, Professional and Corporate Successes. 

It is proven Happy Staff means increased Productivity and reduction of unnecessary excessive business expenditure.

One of the greatest challenges to living the life you want comes down to “How to  Manage Stress" in a pain free, positive and proactive way.

My Training and Counselling spans 3 decades.  It is designed to assist people whether it be for Personal, Corporate or Professional life to take back their Power in the most simple and direct manner.  I have been guiding people from all walks of life including Professionals, Students and Athletes.

More is achieved when in harmony with yourself and others. 

Awareness, Balance and Bottom Line Profit are a natural progression.